food distrIbution consultants

Improving business efficiency and productivity while reducing costs

food distrIbution consultants

Improving business efficiency and productivity while reducing costs

Who Are We?

Foodish Solutions was created because we believe that robust, consistent and comprehensive operational processes are the foundation for exceptional businesses.

We know that high performing companies have Operational Excellence and seek Constant Improvement. We’re facilitators, supporters, strategic planners, problem solvers. We’re passionate about helping companies work toward operational excellence by improving business efficiency and productivity while reducing costs.

Operational Excellence. We ensure the right processes are being utilized in the right manner, enabling you to reduce risk and inefficiencies and drive commercial value. We help you make decisions and recommendations when your team is faced with operational difficulties.

Client Engagement. We work with your internal and external clients to identify current processes that are in place and teach them about best practices and process improvements.

Project Management. We help to plan, design, and implement new operational processes and will guide your team through process improvement projects from start to finish.

Outsourced Services. In addition to consulting and advising, we also provide supply chain, logistics, stock management, accounts receivables, accounts payables and QA support services as an extension of your team on an ongoing basis.

Our Services

Supply Chain

  • Demand Planning
  • Materials planning, ordering and replenishment
  • Order processing


  • Facilitate import & export logistics
  • Coordinate domestic transport
  • Manage forward warehouse consignment programs

Stock Management

  • Process incoming stock receipts
  • Monitor traceability from incoming stock through finished product to ensure traceability is maintained
  • Investigate stock discrepancies

Quality Assurance Support

  • Manage and file supplier accreditations and associated supplier documentation
  • Assist with documentation of customer complaints, non conformance reports, lab test results and other QA logs
  • Fulfill customer requests for QA documentation

Accounts Payables

  • Accurately track expected payable expenses
  • Verify and reconcile vendor invoices
  • Approve and process payments

Accounts Receivable

  • Issue customer invoices
  • Process payment receipts
  • Follow up for collection on past due invoices